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Mass Effect 3 Liara Nude Mods (Latest)




(Note: Eye color is based on the vanilla character model, no special models were created) 1.4 2015-01-20 Updated with a better version of her Leliana skin (found on the Nexus). 1.3 2014-03-09 Fixed some spelling errors in the patch notes. 1.2 Updated to reflect the updated Leliana skin found on the Nexus. 1.1 2013-03-08 Updated the patch notes. 1.0 2013-01-15 Initial Release - Installation You will need to extract the mod into your "Binaries" folder, overwriting the default assets, if you are using the Nexus Mod Manager. For those who have manually installed mods, simply place the "Binaries" folder in the mod directory you installed it in. If you are not using the Mod Manager, you will need to manually install the assets from the zip file. The same goes for Nexus mods. If you are not using a Mod Manager, you will need to install the "Binaries" folder manually. Miscellaneous You will need a free program called Poser to use the new Leliana's skin. If you don't have it, you can download a free version here (Yes, it works) Credits Special thanks to my friend SinnerDemon for helping with the original materials. There are still some things missing in the model. In the Nexus, we only have the base material and most of the textures. Even those aren't complete. For Liara, there are problems with the eyes and the lips (and many other things that I can't remember at the moment). Some of the assets may be from other artists. (I can't remember which ones) There is a completely new scene for this mod, including a Liara's cell phone scene with Gara. However, the changes are very minimal, and the textures still look a bit weird. You'll have to do your own research and compare between the textures in the mod to the textures in the game. Use at your own risk, there are no warranties. Enjoy! Check out my other mods. Special thanks to the people who helped fix the issues I found with this mod:M




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Mass Effect 3 Liara Nude Mods (Latest)

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