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RCPL Points System


Points in the River City Poker League are awarded based upon the quality of your play and the size of the poker game.   Points are used in the League for determining qualifications for the Quarter Tournament, Venue Championships and starting chips for the Quarter Tournaments.  Additionally, RCPL Points may be used in determining other awards and qualifications.

There are three guiding principles designed into the RCPL Points system:

  1. Everybody always receives Points in every RCPL game (unless where noted).

  2. Rewards Players for quality finishes.

  3. Rewards Players for consistent play throughout the League.

Points are calculated using the following system. 

  • Base Point + Bonus Points

  • Where Bonus Points increases with the size of the game.

If this is already getting too complicated, don’t worry, you don’t need to know all of these details.  We have the charts down below showing the amount of points awarded for each finish position for each game size.

Base Points

Every game starts with a base set of points allocating one point for the person who is knocked out first, two points for the second person knocked out and continuing to increase the points until the winner receives the number of points equal to the size of the game.

This table shows the base points awarded for game size 2-20.

Base Points Game Sizes 1 - 20 v003.png

Bonus Points

Bonus points are awarded each game based upon quality of the finish.   Bonus points are distributed similar to how a typical multi-table tournament would be paid out.   The Bonus Points distribution model is shown below (i.e. a game size with 28 people, the winner will receive 33% of the bonus points available for that game):

Bonus Points Distribution Model v001.png

The amount of Bonus Points available for each game size is

Bonus Points Pool Sizes v001.png

Final Game Points Distribution

Points allocated to each game can be found below.    Note, positions after 20 just decrease by one.

Game Sizes 1-20

Points Allocated Games 001-020

Game Sizes 21-40

Points Allocated Games 021-040 v002.png

Game Sizes 41-60

Points Allocated Games 041-060 v001.png

Game Sizes 61-80

Points Allocated Games 061-080 v001.png

Game Sizes 81-100

Points Allocated Games 081-100 v001.png
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