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Player Agreement

By signing up to play in any River City Poker League ran poker game, players agree to the Player Agreement below.


In general, River City Poker League strives to provide poker games that are consistent with the WSOP Texas Hold'em games.   There are a few details that are specifically called out for league play.

Daily Game Structure

The daily game structure consistent of players starting with 8k in chip and 20 minute blinds.

Quarter Tournament

Every quarter River City Poker League hosts a league wide quarter tournament.  The Top 99 players in League Points will qualify for end of the quarter tournament. Starting Chips is based upon League Points Ranking for the quarter.

Points System

Points in the River City Poker League are awarded based upon the quality of your play and the size of the poker game.   Points are used in the League for determining qualifications for the Quarter Tournament, Venue Championships and starting chips for the Quarter Tournaments.  Additionally, RCPL Points may be used in determining other awards and qualifications.

Venue Championship

Qualifying Venues (6 regular quarter games minimum) will have an End of Quarter Championship.  Each Venue Champion wins a seat to the RCPL 10K Main Event Final.

RCPL 14K Main Event Final

Winner receives a $10k Buy-in to the 2022 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas with hotel & airfare accommodations for two (valued at $14k).

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