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Year 1 - Quarter 1 Complete! Thank You!

Congratulations to all of the Winners this weekend and our Venue Champions! Thanks to all of the dealers and players that make all of this possible. We have a passion for poker and wanted to form a league that we would be happy to participate in and that excellent poker, above all else, is our primary goal. As our first quarter events come to a close, we are extremely happy about the progress that has been made and look forward to continuing to expand our unique poker league to a wider audience.

As a special thanks to the dealers that helped significantly during our inaugural first quarter and dealt or managed during the Quarter Tournament, RCPL awarded each a quarter bonus! RCPL will be evolving this into the RCPL Dealer Incentive Program.

RCPL Dealer Incentive Program recipients:

Bradley Hardin

Kristi Royall

Ed Hammons

Stephanie Biggers

Sean Maloney

Venue Champions

Kristi Royall – Dani’s Place Bar and Grill

Jeff Blacklock – The Locker Room Pub

Donny Collins – Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Danny Peterson – Louisville Billiards Club

RCPL $3k Quarter Final – Top 9

Angela Auter

Mark Bramer Sr.

Dub Butler

Joan Hughes

Kaye Grover

Jason McQuilling

Ellen Norris

Tommy Toles

Rus Weisenberger

RCPL $3K Quarter Final – Winner

Tommy Toles

Thanks to the dealers who dealt the Y1Q1 Quarter Final

Ed Hammons

Ed Elder

Kristi Royall

Ryne Gee

Kyle Austin

Sean Maloney

Bradley Hardin

Micheal Davis

Gary Lockard

As always, our games are FREE TO PLAY and NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

HOW TO PLAY: Arrive before any game time and sign-in!

Qualify for the RCPL $14k Main Event Finale

by being a Venue Champion:

or finishing in the top 9 of one of the RCPL $3k Quarter Tournaments:

River City Poker League - of the Players, by the Players, for the Players

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